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At 8:50 a.m. on September 11, 2001 Flight 77 asked for clearance to fly higher.  That was the last radio message air traffic controllers received from the flight.    At 8:56 a.m., over southern Ohio, Flight 77's  IFF transponder stopped signaling.  At this point there was no radio, no transponder and no radar contact with the plane.   At 9:05 a.m.  West Virginia flight control radar picked up an eastbound plane with no accompanying  transponder identification, but not until  9:24 a.m. ATCs  notify NORAD of its existence.   At 9:25 a.m. the FAA  informed the Secret Service that air raffic controllers had a no-transponder radar blip headed toward Washington D.C.    At 9:26 the FAA head, Jane Garvey, issues the order forbidding all civilian, military and law-enforcement aircraft from taking off ( a restriction that remained in force until 10:31 a.m.) and for all aircraft in the air to get down as soon as reasonable. Thus ready  interceptor aircraft at Andrews Air Force Base, just 15 miles away do not take off.     At 9:30 a.m. Chris Stevenson is called by Secret Service  and told to look for a plane heading for Washington. Stevenson finds it on the radar scope five miles to the West of him.  He looks out the window and sees Flight 77 descending and turning right.  This fits the description of many witnesses who saw the Boeing 757 diving at an irrecoverable angle" before the crash.  But at this same time a different Dulles air traffic controller is tracking a blip headed straigt for Washington at 500 mph and she wonders if it can be Flight 77 although she remarks that the blip behaves  more like that of a  jet fighter.   At 9:37 a.m. the radar blip was lost, ending at point indicating a position six miles from the Pentagon. .   Minutes later   there is a crash at the Pentagon, reports of the exact time varying from 9:37 to 9:45 a.m.  Fireman Alan Wallace sees Flight 77 25 feet above the higher ground of the hill west of the Pentagon and coming at him.  Sizing up the situation he turns and runs for cover under a nearby vehicle.  He does not see the crash.  

Basic Analysis:

So you want to believe that a guy who was trained on a Cesna could fly a 757 20 feet off the ground and do sophisticated turning and navigate the way he did to hit the Pentagon? Yeah right! Perhaps there is another answer.

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Lets examine that Phone call:
Mother of All Lies About 9/11 - Barbara Olson's "Phone Call" From Flight 77


Interesting how this building hit by a plane similar to the 757 is cut clear through.

For All Skeptics and Witnesses - My Theory

Okay there were a lot of people who have sworn up and down that they were there and saw Flight 77 fly over them and then the explosion at the Pentagon. I am not discounting this, I believe you. What you might have seen though was a holographic Projection being overlayed on an incoming cruise missile. Hold on there! Stay with me here... Take a look at these links, the technology exists.

Covert Technology
When Seeing isn't Believing
NASA's Blue Beam Project
Holographic Technology

Now for the downed Lamp Posts, the pictures of the downed posts was taken long after the civilians were evacuated from the area. Pictures show that the Pentagon Roof had caved in and that took a period of time, about 1/2 hour to an hour from what I read. As far as any debris found around the lamp posts anyone could have brought the debris forward from any number of sources. We have to take the person's word on it. Eye witness account states that they saw the 757 and it just went Poof as it hit the building:

"A huge jet. Then it was gone. Buildings don't eat planes. That plane, it just vanished. There should have been parts on the ground. It should have rained parts on my car. The airplane didn't crash. Where are the parts? There was a plane. It didn't go over the building. It went into the building. I want them to find it whole, wedged between floors or something. I want to make it make sense. I want to know why there's this gap in my memory, this gap that makes it seem as though the plane simply became invisible and banked up at the very last minute"

This furthers my theory that a Holographic projection was being overlayed the actual flying object. It could have been a smaller plane such as a drone or even a fighter such as an F16.

The Global Hawk Theory:

Take a look at the landing Gear

Picture of a wheelvideo taped at the Pentagon:

Video that shows the Aircraft Wheel.
Clearly the wheel matches the Global Hawk rear landing gear very closely. What is it doing their, if a 757 was reported to have hit the Pentagon?

Now I ask the question was this Wheel Planted?  It is in an odd spot don't you think?
The Intense heat and impact from the crash would probably have left the wheel deflated or
probably taken the rubber off the wheel itself.  The wheel doesn't appear bent or damaged
in any way.  Again it is something to think about.  I bring up the Global Hawk issue because
it is a possibility, although other than this wheel we don't have much to go on.  The other
aspect is the ariel marker, All Seeing Eye.  If someone was controlling the Global Hawk Remotely
the Path Marker on the ground would ensure he/she would know exactly where to hit the Pentagon.
A cruise missile is just programmed to hit a target within 4 to 6 inches from the latest info
I hear from "officials" on the Television.  Now if you are still skeptical about if where
this is all going, take a look at the hole made in the side of the World Trade Center.

Front Gear of an American Airlines Jet 757

Now for the Other Perspective:

Those who say the 757 did hit the Pentagon here are their arguments that I have collected thus far.

Airplane Disintegration:

Eye Witness Accounts:

What if Flight 77 did hit the Pentagon?

Based on Analysis from from the Power Hour Website, there was still some huge spindles of wire photographed near the impact sites, which was used in the so called "Renovations" of the Pentagon in this particular area. If the extra steel put in place here was strong enough it may have sheered the wings off of Flight 77. It is interesting how the plane was able to fly literelly 20 feet above the ground over such a long distance. Pilots who are only skilled at flying cesnas to be able fly a 757 so close to the ground is unbelievable in my opinion and probably lots of others too. Why were they doing renovations to such an extent on that side of the Pentagon?

It also lends to the theory that all the planes that were crashed were flown by Remote control. The fact that a military jet was shawdowning Flight 77 to the south west opens a lot of other questions like:

An Apparent Media Witness - States a Second Plane followed Flight 77 to the Southwest

If it wasn't flight 77 what knocked down the light poles then? There are numerous eye witness accounts stating that they saw a plane similar to a Boeing 757 hit the pentagon and take out lamp poles. What still remains a mystery then is the damage done to the Penaton seems rather small in comparison to such a jet hitting it a flight speed. The fact that eye witness came forward to state that they saw Flight 77 take out the poles and hit the Pentagon should be proof enough and is generally accepted by the masses that this is what happened.

If it wasn't Flight 77 then it leave open that fact that either people are lying about what they saw and it was staged or in Fact Flight 77 did hit the Pentagon and took out the Lamp posts. Unfortunatly I have yet to see pictures showing a timeline that would show that the posts were taken out prior the public being evacuated from the area. I also feel that the issue of weither Flight 77 hit the Pentagon or not is a red herring to the fact there was massive renovation work done to that particular side of the Pentagon with steel spindle wire and that the Pentagon had a
practice drill in November 2000 for an airplane crash. It is also interesting that no one at the Pentagon has come forward with an affidavit stating that they saw a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon.

Some Thoughts on the Debate:

The difficulty with the debate over whether if Flight 77 hit the Pentagon is to me somewhat of a side issue. The fact is that something did hit the Pentagon and nothing was done to intercept the plane. With a report of another plane shadowing Flight 77 to the southwest and then going vertical and leaving the area, only military Jets can do this to my knowledge. There is a termendous amount of evidence pointing at George W. Bush for allowing this to happen. I would suggest that you take a look at the 9/11 evidence and see why this is true.

I don't want to detract from the fact that there are real people missing from Flight 77. We need to be vigilant in uncovering the truth and making those responsible accountable. Some links are compiled her to show some background information on what was transpiring prior to September 11th. I would suggest also you take a look at:
War on Terrorism Index and this 9/11 Information.

I realize that not everyone is going to agree with my theory, the crux being the lamp poles being knocked down and reports of all the eye witnesses. It's my theory, the mass media is ignoring termendous amounts of facts and misreporting on a great many things to forward the plans of a New World Order. What is real and what isn't is certainly up for debate and what parts of this you believe is up to you. But I want to be sure that you come out of this with a healthy understanding that the US Government was planning for and was in part responsible for executing the events that took place on September 11th.

The other crux from the other side is to explain why so little damage was done to the Pentagon in relation to the size of the plane they claimed hit it.

Important links related to the war on terrorism, but not to the Pentagon crash directly:

Interesting links which shed light on Rumsfeld and the Implementation of his military strategy (QDR) in September 2001

I'll leave you with this picture and website to ponder as the debate rageous on:

Flight 77 - Pentagon Event - 3d Test


Video that poses some basic questions about the Pentagon Crash
- You will need
Quick Time to view it.

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