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Madrid stands and the WTC falls

Strategic Explosives In The Twin Towers: The Evidence

Huge Smoking Gun:
FDNY Demolished WTC7 - Admited by Silverstein
Fireman states he never thought the WTC would Collapse
UL Says NO WAY WTC Steel Could Melt At 2000 F

NYC Firefighters Discussing Bombs In WTC

October 9 2003
It seems now that there is growing support for the theory that a cruise missile hit both the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. As I suspected it the evidence is now starting to come to light. Here is some information from Stephan Grossman in Germany. Here is a story on the Cloak and Dagger Website, it is a must read.

WTC - Pull It! - Rense's Data Pages on Silverstien's Demolition


Possible missile exiting the WTC.

Crash Video of Second Plane hitting the WTC
Interesting that the explosion from the plane happens some time after impact and no explosion happens as the plane impacts the tower. Compare with the Pentagon Crash, where the fire ball happened external of the building. Why was there a delay in the explosion? If this was a cruise missile that hit the WTC then it would explane the delay in the explosion.

FEMA World Trade Center Building Performance Study

Was the Pegasus one of the UFOs? Perhaps one of the objects photographed in the first video.

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