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Most of what you will find on this website will probably go against most of what you were taught through out your life.  If you seek the truth then you have come upon a great site that will bring you face to face with many truths.  I don't pretend to be knowing in all things, I like you simply ask questions and seek out the answers.  We live in a world where the truth is covered up to ensure the propagation of control by the ruling class and their puppet masters.  My focus is mainly on the Legal system and exposing the lies and puppets of the system.  I hope you find the information within useful and wish you well in your journey of uncovering the truth.  I may flip flop here and there over some areas as I mull things through, but I am always open to input from others.

Excerpt from, "Thoughts and Analysis of the Torah"
What many people are confused about in terms of law is that all law revolves around contract, Biblical Law is no different.  The basis for all Contract is Love for it allows for free will to choose.  However once a Contract is agreed upon there are rewards and consequences involved for either doing as agreed or not doing as agreed.  There are tacit based contracts, verbal and written.  Tacit occurs when you imply that you are under a contract by making use of laws of others to defend yourself or comply in some way when asked by a person in authority to do so, such as appear in court.

All systems of Law are derived from some form of authority.  In all cases the authority or structure of authority remains sovereign while all those who contract with the authority are subjects of that authority.  In essence there can only be one ruler.  Under the Rule of Law everyone is subject to the same laws with exceptions given to the law enforcers and the ones who make up the laws and practice law.  Lawyers cannot be sued and their obligation is to the Courts, not to their clients.  In all cases of Law we see the master/slave relationship being imposed.  Slavery is fundamental to all law systems, for within it free will cannot exist, which is represented in the Bible as being our Dominion.
In Genesis 1:26-28 God creates man male and female and gives them dominion over all the earth.  It means that man is free to make choices on things, however the problems start when those choices interfere with someone else's dominion.  Dominion means to rule.  So in order to get around this issue, we enter into agreements or rather contracts with each other so resources and aspects of life are shared mutually.  The problem is again though, that some people do not want to share and simply destroy others to get what they want.  War is never ending on earth it seems as there is a constant struggle for resources, power and control.  So realistically in order to get a mass amount of people to follow you, you have to promise them something that they perceive is not obtainable on their own.  This is where Religion comes into play and the promise of a heavenly paradise for those who obey and follow the laws.  The other way is to imply brutal force or destruction on those who do not comply with the laws.  The Torah promotes both systems of reward and punishment, yet it is still contractual.