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I am currently revamping everything I have talked about over the past few years in terms of my book and articles. Based on what I now know to be true, I think it would be unfair to share information with people that I feel is outdated in terms my research and awareness level. The crux of the issue is that I have always said LORD God was not God and that God was love. This was done because how I was interpreting the Bible and applying it. Indeed LORD God is God. God is our Father in heaven. He gave us dominion over the earth so we would have free will to choose him as God or go with the gods. It is a duality that we exist within of Good and Evil, where it is through Love of our Father, Jesus and all others that we are granted our freedom from here. I have concluded that much of the world today is simply opposed to this and many people are simply trying to be as gods, rather than loving our Father in heaven, Jesus and all others. I am sorry for letting you all down on this issue, but all my work has centered on God as being a loving God who granted us dominion, which very few of us ever stand up for and exercise, other than to reject God and go with all the trappings of false gods etc.

So please forgive me while I reorganize and think things through more. I will say this though. The system is based in fiction and and they do believe they own you, being the Governments. Ultimately all of this is about God or rather the rebellion against God and using his own creation against him. I know many people have gleaned great insights into the system through my work and I will continue to provide them, just I need to take time to revamp my work so it reflects as accurately as I honestly believe the truth to be. I don't want to mislead people on aspects of all this. I don't want to put out information I know is not accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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Demon Power Built The Pyramids
God gave man dominion over all the earth. Genesis 1:26-28

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