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    Solutions in Fiction?

    Thesis on UCADIA
    - The Document shows how UCADIA is connected with Freemasonry. (Trust and Canon Law) Rob hay is not the Author of this document.

    Servant King
    - Very informative series, but flawed in assertion that Dominion is based upon Property, not Rule. In truth there is no Ownership in Creation only love and stewardship. Mixes LORD God with God as well.

    World Freeman Society
    - He is pushing the illusion that Canadian Laws work, when the law is fundamentally about Slavery, starting on the First line of the Constitution, Rule of Law. See Article Freeman on the Land is not so Free...

    Solutions in Commerce
    - Front and Center the Tree of Knowledge about Good and Evil. Its focus is showing you how to work with Bonds and Contract Law. There is no solution in Fiction, only love, there is no Judgement in love.

    All Creator's Gifts
    - Mixes God with LORD God and LORD God's Laws as the only law. God made no laws, God is love and gave man dominion over all the earth.

    OPPT 1776
    - Pushed by the Illuminati and Freemasons as a means to protect yourself through the UCC. It is a bait and switch game, you remain a slave.

    The People's United Community
    - All about finding a solution in Law. There is no solution in fiction. It works in conjunction with the World Freeman Society.

    Peace Marker Society
    - The modern peace symbol is, in fact, a satanic symbol called the "Cross Of Nero". The Peace Maker is the title by which the Anti-Christ will reveal himself to be. This is based upon and brought into being by Law through a Lawyer to create the Society. An Unregistered Society is merely a LEGAL trick as all the Law is owned by the Freemasons. You come under the authority of the Courts because you are associating with people using their Laws and are still a slave as you are part of the world not God in Gensis 1. They charge a lot of money for their product. In the introductory video, the address of the Peace Maker Society is given using the term, Dominion of Canada. Dominion means Property in Legalese and Rule in English, which means you are the Property of Canada if you join or under their rule."

    Detax Canada
    - Lots of info on law. Shows you lots of LEGAL Remedies that look good, but don't really work, because you are putting yourself under the Rule of Law and Jurisdiction of the Courts, by making use of their Laws. It doesn't really solve anything, but only delays things for a while.

    Spiritual Economics Now
    - Mary Croft is fundamentally focused on finding a solution in Law thus Fiction. She does write some great articles and explains how all the various LEGAL remedies work, which never actually do work, because they are based upon the Babylonian System of Justice. There are no solutions in fiction. What may have worked for a few before does not work now as the system simply changes the laws or rules. Sometimes the Courts simply ignore the laws and rules as you are under their authority by engaging them in their laws.

    Dean Clifford
    - Dean's work is very popular. He teaches lots about Law and your Rights. You can never get rights from Law or fiction as there are no Rights in truth, only love. He does not realize or ignores the obvious that Law does not apply to man/life and consistently tries to apply Law. He has been arrested and jailed a number of times. He focuses on Trust Law and the right to Property. Again we own nothing as we are merely stewards of the earth and part of all that exists. Also note the Roman Centurion figure in his logo on his Website.

    Articles on Freeman

    Rational Wiki Article

    What the article fails to recognize is that law is made by man, not by the creator. The creator made no laws, see Genesis 1. The Bible is used in all courts and it is by our identifying ourselves as man standing in our dominion over all the earth that sets us free. It is not about law, it is about God and our dominion. God did not create human beings, persons, God created life and man, man is a kind of life. This is not me saying this, this is what the Courts are saying with the Bible. All words defined by Law books are in the language Legalese, not English. Legalese is defined as a Jargon by Blacks 7th and Jargon in Webster's dictionary is defined as an unintelligible language. This is because all law exists in the world of fiction, not truth and thus has no true meaning.

    The problem people are having is that they are confusing legalese with English and thus confused over the idea that man has a right to make laws and impose them on others. There is no possible way for anyone to prove that they have any authority over anyone, anywhere. Instead they attempt to draw our tacit consent to be governed by us arguing their laws before them, when in truth there are no laws created by God or the Creator if you will. Again this comes from the King James Bible, present in their courts and used at swearing in law makers. The Catholic Bible is also used in some courts, but still says it grants man dominion by God. Is there any other authority other than God? Is God an authority? God is the creator and makes no claims of authority, but gave man dominion, that's all it says. We are creations of God, not his slaves.

    It does not matter whether you believe in God or not, what matters is that they use this book in their courts and it is the foundation of all that they do.

  • Site Articles

    Example Letter for Returning Documents - Febuary 11, 2014

    Freeman on the Land is not so Free... - December 12, 2013
    Property: The Foundation of Slavery - July 1, 2013
    The Solution is Simple - June 9, 2013
    A Path to Freedom - June 18, 2012

    so explain to me again how i need your tithes and offerings to build a kingdom on earth, when in fact i built you this univrse at no cost !

    In truth though we don't actually own anything as we are part of all life and all that exists in truth. We are all equals and thus we have no authority to tell others what to do; however operating from the perspective of love, we share and make sure all are cared for around us. We share the earth and care for her, no one owns her in truth. All comes from the earth and thus no one actually owns anything from her or anywhere for that matter. As for our labor,does it come from love or slavery? By letting go of the idea that we own things, we actually gain freedom and end slavery, are you a thing? It is about perspective and love. It is a shift that I hope happens sooner rather than later. I think the anger is about slavery is becoming stronger and it will no longer be tolerated as we move into a more loving way of life. The Slave Masters have created a Police State to help ensure their continued control over the earth and all life on it. People are waking up to this, but it is up to each of us to choose what our future will be, based upon our collective actions. Slavery is the result of ownership and separating ourselves from being part of the whole and love.

    Some Black's 7th Definitions

    n. 1. Something (including testimony, documents and tangible objects) that that tends to prove or disprove the existence of an alleged fact.

    According to Blacks 7th there is nothing that defines Evidence as actually being of some truth about something, just a fact. See what fact means after reading what truth means below.

    Bouvier Dictionary definition of Evidence:
    EVIDENCE. That which demonstrates, makes clear, or ascertains the truth of the very fact or point in issue;

    11. - 3. Positive or direct evidence is that which, if believed, establishes the truth of a fact in issue, and does not arise from any presumption. Evidence is direct and positive, when the very facts in dispute are communicated by those who have the actual knowledge of them by means of their senses. 1 Phil. Ev. 116 1 Stark. 19. In one sense, there is but little direct or positive proof, or such proof as is acquired by means of one's own sense, all other evidence is presumptive but, in common acceptation, direct and positive evidence is that which is communicated by one who has actual knowledge of the fact.

    1. A fully accurate account of events; factuality. 2 Defamation. An affirmative defense by which the defendant asserts that the alleged defamatory statement is substantially accurate.

    It is saying that a truth is not a truth, truth is simply a fact, of which facts are always subjective, so the truth can be ignored as it is not truth, but a fact. Also notice that truth is about the account of events. To account something is to create value for something, thus facts are tied to money. In truth, truth of what occured has meaning only in terms of what value can be placed upon it, hence the bills, orders and commercial law in general. Truth is truth and stands alone, there are no facts associated with truth because things that happen in truth are not facts, they are indeed truths. For example is your name is John Doe? In truth there is no way to show that any fictional title or name belongs to you as the name does not exist in truth, however facts are a completely different ball game.

    1. Something that actually exist; an aspect of reality . 2. An actual or alleged event or circumstance, or interpretation . 3. An evil deed; a crime .

    Now a fact can be alleged to have happened, that is a very far cry from truth, which means it did happen, but a truth can now be an alleged event, not an even that happened in truth. Also a Fact is wide open to interpretation, thus all truth in court are subject to the interpretation of the Judge, not what is actually true. A fact is in effect evil as the fact finder decides what is true or not true based upon his aspect of reality, not truth in the sense of what is true. The last bit an evil deed; a crime means that any fact that the Judge finds, is indeed evil or a crime. Pleading Guilty to the Facts is not a good idea as some may tell you. Thus they can find the "Person", factually Not Guilty, but convict the Person of the crime.

    n 1. The act or process of Judicially finding someone guilty of a crime; the state of having been proved guilty. 2. The Judgement (as by a jury verdict) that a person is guilty of a crime. 3. A strong belief or opinion.

    To be convicted the Judge only has have an belief or opinion that you are guilty. The other side to this is that it is actually your conviction as you are convicted, not the Judge who decides on your conviction. In truth it is suppose to be your conviction that you did something wrong that you convict yourself, thus it is your opinion that you are to be convicted. However in the world of fiction the Judge acts as mirror interpreting truth as facts, which are prevue of being alleged all of which is highly subjective to the fact-finder being the Judge. Of course the Judge can simply convict you of anything based only on his belief that you committed a crime regardless of what the evidence is.

    n. 1. The establishment or refutation of an alleged fact by evidence; the persuasive effect of evidence in the mind of the fact-finder. 2. Evidence that determines the judgement of a court. 3. An attested document that constitutes legal evidence.

    So truth can be proven by an alleged fact? The subjective aspect of how persuasive evidence is in the mind of the fact-finder, primarily the Judge. Thus truth is meaningless because facts must provide proof upon which the Judge can subjectively discard a fact as not being persuasive. Truth has no meaning in law is what this is saying.

    Law is Black Magick - October 11, 2012
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    The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite

    “The Luciferian Principal is the art of concealing darkness in light, war in peace, and finally bondage in liberation from self restraint. In this way, people are seduced into embracing their own destroyer” Eliezer.

    What's all this talk about "a Luciferian Philosophy Conspiracy??

    From the movie Avatar (Nature)
    Love is about balance and equality, Rule of Law is about unbalance and inequality.

    [Jake kneels in prayer to Eywa the Tree of Souls]
    Jake Sully: I’m probably just talking to a tree right now. But if you’re there, I need to give you a heads up.
    [he connects the end of his queue to a hanging tendril from the tree]
    Jake Sully: If Grace is with you, look into her memories, see the world we come from. There’s no green there. They killed their Mother, and they’re gonna do the same here. More Sky People (Fallen Angels) are gonna come. They’re gonna come like a rain that never ends .
    [Neytiri approaches silently behind him, listening]
    Jake Sully: Unless we stop them. Look, you chose me for something. I will stand and fight, you know I will. But I need a little help here.

    Neytiri: Our Great Mother does not take sides, Jake. She protects only the balance of life.

    Jake Sully: It was worth a try.
    [they lean in, foreheads touching]

    Baby Bunny
    God gave man dominion over all the earth. Genesis 1:26-28

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    The 10 Commandments
    { There are three versions of the Ten Commandments in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). They are at Exodus 20:2-17, Exodus 34:12-26, and Deuteronomy 5:6-21. }

    There are 3 sets of 10 commandments in the Bible and they are not all the same, yielding 19 commandments. They are an account of the same event, thus the commandments should be exactly the same. So which 10 are people to follow in order to keep the Covenant with LORD God? Perhaps it didn't happen at all and there was a fight among the powers that be as to what laws they wanted the Children of Israel to follow? Because all laws are based in fiction and there are no Children of Israel, as we are all man, does it matter? Perhaps MOSES is lying to his people about which commandments are the 10 they must follow? Take a look at the various 10 Commandments and try and figure out which 10 you are suppose to follow as a Child of Israel...

    The Whole Bible Was Written In Hebrew (by Jews)
    If you were to start a religion of your own with the intent of controlling the world, would you not put a passage in there where the main Deity granted your people authority over the world and allowed by divine right to enslave man? God's chosen people eh? The point being is that they have worked to bring about as many prophecies as they could contained within the Bible. It is not prophecy, but rather a plan to control the world. They were kind enough to put dominion into the first chapter, but no ever tells you about it or teaches it in any church, for if they did no religion would be necessary. I think dominion is put in to gain our tacit agreement that is okay for man to be enslaved, otherwise it would go against the natural order of the universe that man was created to be free. Further to this JESUS is a creation of the Jews to be the mayrter and Savior of those enslaved. If you believe in JESUS you will be saved. Seems if you believe in your own dominion you might have a chance at stopping the slavery to begin with.

    Mohamad's Divine Authority?
    Mohammed told the people that he was a true copy of Abraham.

    When his followers asked Mohammed what Abraham looked like, he told them that Abraham was a copy of Mohammed himself ( thus a DNA Cloned man? ). He told them:

    I did not see a man similar to him like your friend, nor is your friend likened to any person like him.[16][xvi] (By “friend,” Mohammed meant himself.)

    [ A person is akin to a reflection in the mirror of a man. It is a fiction and has no life, its dead. Persons only exist in fiction, they are not real in truth. ]

    Now Abraham was the creator of the Judaic Religion the Jews follow. Thus Mohammed created Sharia Law which was far more enslaving than Judaism. Of course anyone wishing to leave Islam is killed as per the Quran. Mohammed was a Cardinal in the Catholic Church before setting out on this venture of being a Prophet. Christianity was brought about by Jesus, who was a Jew.

    The Authority we all have over the Demonic entities comes from Authority of Jesus Christ.

    Luke 10:17-20
    17 And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.
    18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
    19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
    20 Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.
    Note our names are not written here on earth, but only in heaven. Names on earth are of a fiction in nature.

    You simply say in the name of "Jesus Christ" stop what you are doing to me.

    Law and Conspiracy
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